Friday, December 8, 2023

5 Common Plumbing Issues You Should Never DIY At Home 

If you have a plumbing issue at home, trying and fixing it yourself is tempting. After all, the internet is full of DIY tutorials that promise quick fixes. But before you go down that path, be careful. You might harm it more by trying to fix the plumbing issues. 

Thus, we have enlisted the 5 common plumbing issues you should never DIY. It includes fixing a burst pipe, stopping a gas line leak, and replacing or fixing a damaged water heater. Chances are high that you will worsen the problem and pay for costlier repairs. 

So, let’s see why you shouldn’t try DIY fixing these common plumbing issues at home. Instead, you must call a professional licensed plumber

5 Common Plumbing Issues You Should Never DIY:

Did your copper pipe get damaged or burst? Do you feel confident about replacing your water heater’s thermostat or the furnace? Well, you must refrain from such hazardous plumbing jobs at home. 

Never use an electrical device to clear clogged drains.

Your home’s plumbing system comprises pipes, valves, and other components. All these components are not designed for electricity. You cannot expect them to withstand the pressure from an electric pump or snake. 

Thus, it could cause flooding or damage to the plumbing fixtures in your home. Furthermore, you may shock yourself while trying to unclog the drain with electrical devices. Even if you don’t get hurt immediately, there’s always a chance that sparks might fly and start a fire!

Moreover, unclogging drains or pipes with an electrical device is costlier than you imagine. So, you must invest heftily in electrical appliances. Instead, you should call a professional plumber and let him take care of the clog. 

Never try fixing burst pipes:

Many factors, such as freezing temperatures, corrosion, or high-water pressure, can cause burst pipes. It is a complex problem that involves shutting off the water supply, locating the burst pipe, and replacing the damaged section of the pipe. Attempting to fix a burst pipe without proper training and tools can lead to further damage, flooding, and even injury. 

Moreover, fixing a burst pipe requires specialized tools and knowledge. For instance, you will need a pipe cutter, solder wire, blowtorch, etc. And getting all these tools can be incredibly costly. You may even cause contamination of harmful chemicals with the pipe. 

So, it’s better you leave the job of fixing the burst pipes to professionals. It will save you time, effort, and money. Also, you won’t have to worry about damaging the pipes further. 

Don’t try to replace the water heater and furnace:

Water heaters and furnaces are two of the most complicated plumbing and heating elements at home. Also, these two appliances are a daily requirement at home. So, when they get damaged or need replacement, trying them on your own is tempting. 

Nonetheless, it’s best to leave the task of replacing your water heater or furnace to plumbers. First, both items are heavyweight and so tough to handle. Also, they have many complex internal parts, such as the thermostat and heating elements. So, replacing either of these can be dangerous and damage your home if done improperly. It is particularly avoidable without any professional knowledge. 

Call a professional to fix sewer line problems:

A clogged or damaged sewer line requires professional attention. It involves dealing with hazardous waste materials and requires specialized equipment to locate and fix the issue. Also, you will need specialized tools and protective gear to deal with them. 

When you try DIY fixing them, it can lead to health hazards and environmental pollution. Also, you need special permission from the county authority to deal with sewage lines. So, leave it upon the professional to tackle the sewer line issues. 

Gas line leaks:

Gas leaks are one of the most dangerous plumbing problems in a home. Damaged gas lines or faulty natural gas appliances can cause them. Even a small gas leak can lead to fire, explosion, or carbon monoxide poisoning. So, it is essential to evacuate the premises immediately. 

Then, you must call a licensed plumber trained to handle gas leaks. If you try to fix it yourself, it can be extremely dangerous. At worst, it may result in life-threatening consequences. Therefore, we suggest you call a professional and inspect the gas leaks to fix them ASAP. 


Many homeowners are keen to fix most of the plumbing problems at home. Of course, DIY plumbing fixations are appreciable. However, you should only try such DIY attempts for minor problems. It may include unclogging the sink pipe, replacing the P-trap, fixing the garden hose, etc. 

On the other hand, leave complex plumbing tasks such as water heater maintenance, replacement, sewage, and gas link fixing attempts for professionals. Or else it can lead to costlier investment and even unbearable consequences.