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Meredith Bagans- All You Need To Know About!

It’s a well known fact that many people in this world rose to popularity as a result of their association with a celebrity. In this regard, Meredith Bagans, who has lately come to the spotlight as the sole elder sister of Zak Bagans, is an interior designer by profession. Also, she is mainly known for her American actor brother. Since 2007, Zak Bagans has been known for hosting the documentary show Ghost Adventures.

Quick Facts 

  • Birthday: June 4, 1974
  • Birth Name: Meredith Bagans Mixer
  • Profession: Celebrity Sibling
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Birthplace: Washington D.C., United States
  • Father Name: Larry Bagans
  • Mother Name: Nancy June Knapp
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Spouse: Michael Mixer
  • Children: Morgan Mixer and Maddox Mixer 
  • Siblings: Zak Bagans (Biological Brother); Sky Knapp, Phil Knapp (Half Brothers)
  • Religion: Christian

Net Worth of Meredith Bagans 

Though details about her actual employment aren’t that clear, it seems like she has earned it from varied sources, including interior design. Also, it is tough for us to determine how much she earns in her daily life. Estimated Meredith Bagan’s net worth is around $100,000. Meredith Bagans’ brother, Zak Bagans, has a net worth of $30 million. Zak Bagans has witnessed a successful career as a paranormal investigator, actor, television personality, and museum operator. Besides, the well-known personality earns a lot from varied professions as the chief investigator, executive producer, as well as editor of the Travel Channel show Ghost Adventures.

Bio and Early Life 

Born on June 4, 1974, in Washington D.C., United States, to mother Nancy June Knapp and father Larry Bagan, Meredith Bagans is a happily married woman currently married to her supporting husband, Michael Mixer. But it’s worth noting that there is very little information available about her personal life. She has chosen to remain hidden or kept to herself. Most of the time, the lady has been spotted quite busy raising her children, making her a caring mother. 

The Meredith Bagans parents, an interior designer and a visual stylist mother and a salesman father, raised Meredith in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, alongside her brother, Zachary Alexander Bagans, who is popularly referred to as Zak Bagans.

Unfortunately, Meredith Bagans parents separated, and Meredith Bagans’ mother got remarried, Thomas Knapp. Meredith has two half-brothers, Sky Knapp, and Phil Knapp as well.

Social Media Presence 

Meredith Bagans, an American celebrity, has earned fame in the media for being the elder sister of the actor, paranormal investigator, television personality, and author Zak Bagans. Zak Bagans runs his paranormal documentary and reality television series ‘Ghost Adventures.’ Zak Bagans television series found its initial launch on the Travel Channel but later was viewable on Discovery+ channel.

‘Ghost Adventures’ features a group of four traveling around haunted mansions and locations. Also, they love spending one whole night in the background with cameras and equipment to capture anything paranormal. Also, Meredith Bagans earned fame due to Zak for the number of times has mentioned his sister numerous times on his show; also, what’s nice about it is that Meredith Bagans has been involved in making many cameos.

Nationality and Ethnicity

Nationality-wise, Meredith is American and belongs to the white ethnicity. Speaking about ancestry, it can be said that Meredith is Italian, Irish, German, Native American, French-Canadian, Scottish, and Chippewa (Ojibwe).


Unfortunately, there is no detailed information available regarding Meredith Bagans’ educational background. However, we assume that Bagans attended and graduated from Glenbard West High School.


Meredith Bagans has varied income sources, including interior designing, to earn her a living. She earns a decent amount of money by working alongside her husband to be able to afford a decent life.

Meredith Bagans Brother

Born on April 5, 1977, in Washington, D.C., Zachary Bagans, Meredith Bagans’ brother, grew up in Glen Ellyn, Illinois. He attended Glenbard West High School and graduated from there. Zak Bagans, Meredith Bagans’ younger brother, is a paranormal investigator, television personality, museum operator, actor, and author from the United States.

Zak Bagans collaborated with Nick Groff and Aaron Goodwin for the creation of Ghost Adventures, a documentary-style film. 2007 details highlight that the film aired on the SciFi Channel. 

Aftershocks from 2014 to 2016 aimed at changes in people’s lives following previous Ghost Adventures investigations. A museum opened in October 2017, with 33 rooms displaying diverse items of interest.

Final Words 

We have listed the best possible information about Meredith Bagans. Stay tuned for further updates.


Q1: Is Meredith Bagans Married?

A: Meredith Bagans has a husband, Michael Mixer, who is reported to be a supportive husband. Also, Meredith and the Meredith Bagans husband have two children, Morgan Mixer, and Maddox Mixer.

Q2: Who Are Meredith Bagans’s family members?

A: Meredith Bagans appears to be quite discreet about her family secrets, but there is evidence stating she was born to Jeanne K Kilroy and Nancy Knapp and had three younger brothers: Zak Begins, Sky Knapp, and Phil Knapp.

Q3: What is Meredith Bagans Educational qualification?

A:Meredith may have attended Glenbard West High School alongside her brother Zak and seems to be a graduate.

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