Monday, December 11, 2023

Very High Electricity Bill: What It Could Be and How to Solve It

Did you receive a very high electricity bill? You can reduce your bill by changing small daily habits if there is no error. A high electricity bill could mean that some home appliance consumes more than they should or your meter reading was incorrectly done. 

You could be consuming too much or not purchasing cheaper electricity. In that case, we leave you with some tips to start right away, reduce light consumption, and save money and the environment. Also, we will show you how you can get urgent electricity without a deposit.

Electricity Bill Too High, What Could It Be?

In general terms, a very high utility bill means that:

  • You may have an appliance in your home consuming more than you think. If you have recently purchased an appliance, check that this excessive consumption cannot be related to that appliance.
  • Your meter reading was not done correctly; it is based on an above-average estimate. Your invoice may include corrections, referring to old invoices in which you paid less than you consumed.
  • You consume too much electricity. Think about whether you usually have a lot of lights on or multiple appliances on at the same time. Do not forget that the equipment on standby also consumes.
  • Pay attention to your old appliances, whose energy efficiency is lower than modern ones.
  • Take a look at your fridge rubbers. They must be in perfect condition to fulfill their function and ensure no loss of light/energy.
  • Remember that it’s not just the air conditioning that consumes light. Any heating device consumes energy, even those very small fan heaters. Moderate, therefore, its use, if possible, or look for more economical options.

What Should You Do?

There are several possible causes for a very high residential electricity bill. There may be an error in the count; the estimate made by the company may be above normal, or you may have some device in your house consuming energy without you even noticing.

Whatever the reason, some tricks can help you reduce your bill, and that’s why we’ve put together 14 measures to start putting into practice today.

How to reduce your residential electricity bill in 14 steps:

  1. Check which is the best rate for you at Electricity Express. Pay attention to what suits your family and adjust the electrical power in your home according to your needs.
  2. Buy efficient appliances. For example, changing your old fridge for a more efficient one can save you up to $35 per year on your residential electricity bill.
  3. Replace incandescent bulbs with LED bulbs. These consume only 1/4 of energy to produce the same luminous intensity, in addition to lasting many more years.
  4. Do not leave electronic devices on standby. It is estimated that the average annual consumption by appliances on standby is 377 kWh/year, which corresponds to an expense of more than 40 dollars.
  5. Turn off lights when not needed. Yes, it sounds obvious, but it’s something that not everyone does. Whenever possible, take advantage of natural light.
  6. Use oriented lighting. Choose lamps with light directed toward what you are doing, and avoid having the whole room lit if you only need a small point of light.
  7. Avoid using air conditioning. Turn on a fan or cover yourself with warm clothes and blankets, depending on the temperature. Air conditioning consumes a lot of electricity.
  8. Keep the fridge (tightly) closed. It is one of the biggest consumers of electricity, so always have the thermometer set to the indicated temperature and take everything you need out of the fridge at once.
  9. Reduce microwave use. To defrost, choose to remove the food a few hours in advance.
  10. Wash clothes at warm water instead of hot water. This small reduction represents a 55% energy saving.
  11. Select the dishwasher’s most economical program. The most intense programs take almost twice as long, often unnecessarily using more electricity and more water.
  12. Turn off the oven 10 minutes before the end of cooking. During that time, the food will finish cooking, and you will save electricity.
  13. In summer, dry clothes in the sun and wind, replacing the dryer with this natural resource.
  14. If you believe you are taking all possible measures to save, compare your electricity supplier’s offer with the competition. In that case, choosing a cheaper alternative like Electricity Express may be the best way to reduce the amount you pay for electricity.

Receiving a very high electricity bill is more than enough reason to take your sleep and smile off your face for a few days. But take it easy, raise your head, and start putting into practice very simple measures that can be decisive when it comes to lowering your residential electricity bill.


Finally, suppose you need to top up your residential electricity in case of urgent reconnection. In that case, suppliers like Electricity Express are one to bank on where you can get electricity without credit on the same day. Reach out to us on our website to select a plan that fits your home now!

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